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Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence!

The Future of Movement

Zero and low carbon footprint transportation systems are guiding our mobility evolution into the future. JAI is at the forefront of this transformation through assisting clients to design and maximize green elements within their transportation system energy life cycle while creating cost optimization strategies enabling affordability today.

Our accomplished and nationally recognized transit programs for Yosemite National Park, the Greater New Haven Transit District, Orange County Transit, and others distinguish our leadership in this field.

An Industry in Motion

The complexity of the modern transit industry continues to expand rapidly. To navigate this dynamic industry, JAI supports our valued clients spanning 5 continents by targeting those solutions best suited to maximize project success. From a technical perspective, how should electrified transit system operators take full advantage of advances in AC propulsion or programmable logic controls (PLCs)? Similarly, what is the best approach to monitor and fully comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements? Further, how can international suppliers effectively compete in the lucrative North American market? The development of innovative and structured strategies has become a hallmark of JAI capabilities.

From a market perspective, JAI analyzes and supports the creation of new transit market trends and dynamics in real time, focusing on upcoming projects and other key industry events. Our specialties include the following transit technologies (and associated support infrastructures):

  • Heavy, Light, and High Speed Rail;
  • Conventional and Advanced bus (hydrogen, hybrid, alternative fuels, other);
  • Automated people mover (monorail, cable propelled, self propelled, other);
  • Many others

Degrees of Freedom

Any random connection can be made between two particular points. However, to insure the development of the 'right' connection and optimization of the freedom of movement, JAI engineering design, integration and planning expertise identifies, analyzes, and defines the proper approach. Utilizing the latest tools and techniques, our work provides the output necessary to determine ridership levels, optimize service scenarios, plan efficient routings, choose the appropriate technology, and other key functions.

In addition, our experience defining the interfaces between fixed facilities and electro-mechanical systems allows JAI to know what to look for and administer to mitigate project technical conflicts and minimize schedule impacts.

Successful transportation programs for NYCT, McCarran International Airport, the Port of Oakland, Clarian Health Partners, and others demonstrate our proven capabilities.

Leading to Solutions

Understanding new mobility opportunities while balancing interfaces and risks are crucial to overall project success for both customers and product/service providers within a highly dynamic market.
Through extensive experience based upon innovative principles and hands-on management insight, JAI serves clients through bridging the gap and creating the right management approach for the right application.