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Safety Systems Validation for the Las Vegas High Roller Wheel System

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shining radiantly on the Las Vegas Strip, the 520 foot diameter High Roller wheel forms a new cornerstone of Las Vegas entertainment.  Standing larger than either the London Eye or Singapore Flyer, the High Roller consists of 28 spherical, glass enclosed cabins featuring full views of the resort city. System propulsion and braking are provided by an integrated hydraulic drive system while system controls and communications feature state of the art design with full system redundancy.

JAI played an instrumental role in the design development of both the propulsion and control subsystems. In particular, this project defined our engineering flexibility and development expertise relative to innovative and unique entertainment systems and venues.  Since the High Roller program, JAI has applied this engineering expertise to a multitude of other innovative entertainment design development programs.

For the High Roller, JAI provided a comprehensive professional engineering analysis and review inclusive of compliance evaluation relative to Clark County Amusement and Transportation System (ATS) Ordinance requirements.  JAI further provided preliminary evaluation of life safety and hazard analysis issues and impacts.  In addition to ATS compliance verification, JAI further analyzed and evaluated the system relative to ASCE 21 and ASTM 698, 2271, 1193, and 1159 requirements.


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