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Pearlridge Shopping Center APM Rehabilitation

Honolulu, HI

As customers are the life blood of any retail venture, effective customer movement is the economic lifeblood of hundreds of shopping center developments across the U.S. The Pearlridge Shopping Center (Honolulu, HI) realized this early in its development and wisely selected an APM (monorail) to shuttle customers from one area of the complex to another.

Originally installed in 1977, this system has served Pearlridge well. However, several aspects of the system technology (including system controls, propulsion, communication, other) successfully served their lifetime and required rehabilitation and/or upgrade. Noting our background and experience in APM system development and rehabilitation, Pearlridge management turned to JAI to create a comprehensive system assessment and rehabilitation program.

JAI performed initial evaluation and assessment, technology assessment, life cycle cost evaluation, and other critical initial planning tasks designed to assist Pearlridge management with the best course of action. JAI has subsequently supported Pearlridge through RFP development, contractor selection, contract development, program and construction management, and system testing and commissioning – on time and on budget.

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