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Public Transit

Capital Project Management Services for the NCTPA

Napa, CA

Leveraging JAI’s unique background and experience in creating and managing sustainable transit capital programs, the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA – Napa, CA) competitively selected JAI to cost effectively lead and execute several new programs. Foremost among these projects and to provide leadership, guidance, and management to the NCTPA procurement management effort for a new fleet of gasoline hybrid transit bus vehicles, JAI draws upon our premier global reputation for procuring and implementing hybrid transit bus technology for forward thinking organizations such as NCTPA. Other programs under JAI management include alternative fuel transit vehicle quantitative and qualitative analysis, operational enhancement programs, new express route design and development, economic and life cycle cost analysis, vehicle QA/QC audits, and other vital activities. JAI is known for its 'turnkey' approach for innovative green transit solutions benefiting one of the premier regions of the world.


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