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Greater New Haven Transit District Advanced Hydrogen Transit System Planning, Development, Analysis, Engineering & Implementation

New Haven, CT

The Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) is a leading New England-based public transit agency with visionary leadership. To promote sustainable transportation and further advance 'green' energy principles, GNHTD is undertaking a unique demonstration program to prove the validity and commercial viability of an environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel transit bus system. The program is unique, as it fully integrates the development and implementation of the systems required for use of hydrogen powered vehicles used in public transit service, rather than just the vehicles themselves. 

The project is part of the FTA Research and Development program for the development of hydrogen vehicles for which it expands upon the tenets of the current program by requiring a 'solution opportunity' usable not only for GNHTD but other transit operators as well.

Building upon our successful advanced technology transit bus procurement management and technical experience gained from other major public programs, the GNHTD selected JAI to provide a range of management and technical support services. Our background with other advanced vehicle systems (including hybrid electric, hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen ICE, and others) and sustainable energy proved especially beneficial in support of this program. 

JAI is providing procurement management, project problem/issue resolution, demonstration program coordination, design, and development, project oversight, pre- and post- delivery reviews, and other activities. JAI's scope also includes oversight of vehicle development, hydrogen fueling station design and construction, and maintenance and operations modifications.

JAI is also providing energy systems planning (both self-sustaining and grid-based), including evaluation of several key ‘cutting edge’ renewable and sustainable energy technologies, such as solar PV, wind turbine, tidal (wave action), biogas, biodiesel, and many others for integration into existing facilities.

It is envisioned that this program will facilitate future hydrogen based development opportunities by demonstrating that a clean, renewable energy-based transit system is not science-fiction, but is available today.

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