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Yosemite National Park Alternative Fuel Transit Vehicle Planning & Procurement Management Support

Sierra Nevada, CA

Beginning in 1999, JAI initiated transit system planning and integration activities for the National Park Service (NPS) at Yosemite National Park. The focus of this effort served to enhance operational service for visitors to the Park (more than 4 million per year) while transforming the then current in-Park diesel transit bus fleet to become more green, fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly. Several key tasks comprised our planning, integration, procurement management, and implementation activities, including:

  • Existing System Operational and Maintenance Review
  • Comprehensive Facility Analysis
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technology Assessment
  • Life Cycle Cost(s) Evaluation
  • Development of New State Emission Legislation in Collaboration with the California Air Resource Board
  • Transit Vehicle/Fueling Engineering Design Development and Analysis
  • Creation of Alternative Fuel Specific Reliability Program
  • Specification/RFP Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Test Evaluation, Inspection, and Final System Commissioning


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