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Transit Planning & Oversight

Advanced Technology Vehicle Consortium (ATVC) Technical Analysis & Engineering Support

Los Angeles, CA

The Advanced Transit Vehicle Consortium (ATVC) is a collaborative efforts between the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency (LACMTA), the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District. With a mission to encourage the development of advanced transit vehicle technologies, particularly in areas of high capacity transit vehicles, low emission propulsion technologies, and advanced composite vehicle structures, the ATVC advises the LACMTA's Board of Directors and is responsible for helping LACMTA implement new transit technologies that can reduce emissions, improve operating efficiencies and provide enhancements in the quality of Metro's transit services.

JAI was recently selected by the ATVC to provide technical and commercial expertise in the areas of new transit vehicle technologies and new vehicle technology procurement, testing, and deployment. JAI is also charged with providing support with alternative fuel vehicle and facility planning, technical options analysis, LNG/CNG/Hydrogen component analysis, feasibility studies, design/engineering, and safety certification/analysis.

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