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Delano Transportation Development Plan

Delano, CA

JAI knows the value of effective transit focused and oriented planning. With rapidly shifting municipal and societal economics and priorities coupled with the critical need for more balanced green solutions, JAI pioneered the concept of 'smart' transit planning development designed to provide optimum transit benefits with minimal cost and risk. The City of Delano (CA) recently embarked on such a transportation planning program to create a new Transportation Development Plan (TDP) with JAI leadership, support, and guidance. To initiate activities, JAI rapidly assessed the current transit resources available in the Delano community and solicited stakeholder input in terms of what the community truly desired (inclusive of on-board vehicle surveying). Further analysis and outreach served to develop a foundation understanding of the dynamic characteristics of regional growth and addressing impacts generated by major land developments within the area. The final developed TDP efficiently serves as a 'roadmap' which defines approaches to optimizing existing transit services, enhancing customer service, boosting travel efficiencies for system users, increasing system ridership, and integrating green technological and operational solutions. And, ultimately, further improving the quality of life for citizens and visitors to this dynamic community.

JAI firmly believes the 'acid' test of effective planning is implementation according to plan. The City of Delano TDP is another success story exemplifying this objective.

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