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End of Life Overhaul of the Mirage-Treasure Island Tram

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

MGM-Mirage operates a single lane tram system between its Mirage Mega Resort and the adjoining Treasure Island (TI) Resort located in the heart of Las Vegas’ famed ‘strip’. The Mirage-TI Tram (a cable-drawn system) shuttles automatically between two stations along a thousand foot elevated guideway. As the system has exceeded 20 years of useful life, certain components installed on Tram vehicles and wayside have become obsolete and are not available for replacement or designs of certain subsystems have met their planned lives.

To continue uninterrupted operation of the Mirage-TI Tram well into the future, MGM-Mirage hired JAI to conduct and manage an 18-month major system overhaul project of this tram system, including new control and communication subsystems, and refurbishment/upgrade of vehicles. Existing subsystem design limitations (including a replacement of moving platform gates with full height platform doors) were also improved. This project resulted in the successful extension of the system's operational life for at least another twenty (20) years.

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