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JAI Offers Project and Procurement Management Services to Green the Future of Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency

Alternative Fuels, Hybrid Transit, Planning & Development, Procurement Management, Project Management, Public Transit September 2008

SAN JOSE, CA – Jakes Associates, Inc. (JAI), an innovative transit, alternative fuel engineering and procurement management firm, has secured a key project of providing highly qualified, professional capital project management services for the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA). In general, NCTPA serves as the countywide transportation planning agency and is a joint effort by the cities of American Canyon, Calistoga, Napa, St. Helena, the Town of Yountville and the County of Napa.

To fulfill our role in this partnership, JAI will work with NCTPA to provide procurement management of the New Flyer / ISE gas hybrid buses through the Montebello Hybrid Bus Purchase Consortium Program. In addition, JAI will conduct smaller transit alternative fuel vehicle quantitative / qualitative analysis for the Town of Yountville’s Community Shuttle service and to investigate possibilities of replacing the current mid-sized bus fleet with cleaner vehicles.

New NCTPA Gasoline Electric Hybrid Bus

New NCTPA Gasoline Electric Hybrid Bus

Lastly, JAI will provide bus vehicle inspections, proper bus stop improvement coordination within the system, and construction management for facilities. Overall, complete professional project management / engineering will be utilized to ensure JAI’s services are conducted properly to the satisfaction of NCTPA.

JAI Alternative Fuels Technical and Commercial Expertise Supports Advanced Transit Vehicle Consortium

Alternative Fuels, Engineering & Design, Public Transit August 2008

SAN JOSE, CA – Jakes Associates, Inc. (JAI), a leading transit, alternative fuel engineering and procurement management firm, has secured the coveted position of providing technical and commercial expertise to the Advanced Transit Vehicle Consortium (ATVC), a coalition of public entities consisting of the L.A. MTA, the City of Los Angeles, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).  In this newly established position, JAI will provide assistance in the areas of new transit vehicle technologies and new vehicle technology procurement, testing, and deployment.

Facing rapidly increasing emission regulatory pressures and out of control petroleum costs, ATVC selected JAI to further assist in a variety of new programs, including: forensic systems analysis, technology economic assessment. new Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) system concept developments, composite vehicle systems, and many others.

ATVC Press Release_Page_1_Image_0002

JAI Demonstrates Innovative Hydrogen Technology for GNHTD’s HyRide Program

Alternative Fuels, Hydrogen, Planning & Development, Procurement Management, Project Management, Public Transit January 2006

SAN JOSE, CA – The Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) is undertaking a unique demonstration program to prove the viability of hydrogen fuel transit bus vehicles.  The program is unique, as it fully integrates the development and implementation of the support infrastructure (fueling station, maintenance facilities) required of hydrogen fueled vehicles in public transit service, rather than just the vehicles themselves.  The project is part of the FTA Research and Development program for the development of hydrogen vehicles and expands upon the tenets of the current program by requiring a ‘solution opportunity’ usable not only for GNHTD, but other transit operators as well.

slide-88-largeThe overall project will begin with a clean slate to design, develop, and implement every element required to operate an advanced technology hydrogen fuel fleet of transit bus vehicles.  It is envisioned that the program will facilitate future hydrogen-based development opportunities and reduce the historic difficulties encountered by other transit operators in implementing advanced technologies within their fleet operations.

Building upon our successful advanced technology transit bus procurement management and technical experience gained from other major public programs, GNHTD selected JAI to provide a range of management and technical support services.  Our background with other advanced vehicle systems (including hybrid-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen ICE, and others) proved especially beneficial in support of this GNHTD program.  JAI will be providing procurement management, project problem/issue resolution, demonstration program coordination, design, and development, project oversight, pre- and post- delivery reviews, and other activities.

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